ACCMS – Advanced Communication Control Management System

Abramak Radio Network System consists of three main modules as “ACCS – Advanced Communication Control System”, “ACMS – Advanced Communication Management System” and “Network Devices”.
The existing systems operate in a circuit switched structure and can not offer the facilities of modern packet switching networks. ACCMS adapts its circuit switched communication system to a modern packet switched system using the existing circuit infrastructure and without the operational constraints. Thus, an architecture conforming to the known OSI network layer model is provided.
The ACCMS is a tactical communications service; User Stations (KI) can be used to enable Secure External Data over HF and V / UHF radio channels, internal voice between BSs, MIS / Link Data / SEMAC terminals, HF and V / UHF radio channels , Provide the required switching and control functions. ACCMS is an integrated structure that can perform the necessary manual / automatic switching and control functions in order to define the connection requirements of the external and internal communication systems of the ship in the desired configuration according to the relative demand.