ABR PAS – IP Based Public Address And General Alarm System

ABRAMAK Alarm and Announce System meets the alarm and announcement requirements of military ships and HQ with its advanced features and manageable structure. The system can be integrated with any PBX and, when necessary, alarms and announcements can be easily announced on all phones on board.

It can be easily integrated with the communication control and management system (ACCMS) and multi-purpose user stations (UTS).

The Alarm and Announcement System can be used for the platform-wide or the locations defined as grouped on the platform; The Alarm and Announcement system allows authorized users to make alarms and announcements through all other internal and external communication connections.

  • The alarm / announcement system can be used as the last end for other systems.
    • For example, a radio call can be broadcast as an announcement, triggering a fire alarm, an emergency call on the radio, and an automatic DSC call.
  • In addition to conventional alarm sensors, more advanced sensor applications are possible.
    • For example, while a typical system can only provide a fire alarm, the ACCMS alarm system can handle water leakage in an area as an alarm.


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