ABR TSB – IP Based Ship Telephone System

IP Based Ship Telephone System:

ABRAMAK TSB Standard Integrated System is specially designed for use onboard ships. The system is based on the exchange featuring the latest development such as IP telephony, Web management and IP switching.

The ACCMS solution supports a wide range of traditional, IP and wireless communication terminals made for ship environment. The ACCMS intercom terminals are type approved as integrated PA, GA, telephone and talkback units. IP DECT base stations connect directly to the exchange over IP providing a very cost efficient solution to deploy a wireless network onboard.

The DECT telephones, IP telephones and intercom terminals have all access to the same set of ACCMS features. Users will be able to enjoy the benefits of one user experience and seamless mobility as they will always be contactable regardless where they are on the ship.

The system is type approved by CCS as an integrated communication system for two way communication, talkback, public address (PA) and general alarm (GA).

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