ACCMS – Advanced Communication Control Management System

Advanced Communication Control Management System:

ABRAMAK has developed the ACCMS (Advanced Communication Control Management System) concept, which has a completely flexible structure to provide technical and operational solutions to all class navy platforms with IP based integrated communication capability based on modular open architecture design. ACCMS uses state-of-the-art technology with interfaces that can easily integrate all old-new communication components.

The existing systems operate in a circuit switched structure and can not offer the facilities of modern packet switching networks. ACCMS adapts its circuit switched communication system to a modern packet switched system using the existing circuit infrastructure and without the operational constraints. Thus, an architecture conforming to the known OSI network layer model is provided.

ACCMS tactical communication needs; User Stations (VT) can transmit / receive Secure External Data communications over HF and V / UHF radio channels, Secure / Unsafe External Audio, internal voice, MHS / Link Data / TELETYPE terminals, HF and V / UHF radio channels. They provide the necessary switching and control functions to be implemented. ACCMS is an integrated structure that can perform the necessary manual / automatic switching and control functions with the aim of defining the connection requirements of the external and internal communication systems of the ship in the desired configuration according to the relative.

ACCMS utilizes resources such as low facility and operating cost, high efficiency, limited allocated frequencies with maximum efficiency, while increasing communication possibilities by pushing Shannon limits; it will save communication requirements to the maximum extent from almost all kinds of external dependency, and automatically solve complex communication problems. ACCMS will reach new horizons, especially in the field of military communications.

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